Chico companies have a proven track record for creating iconic brands and a global presence*.


Chico delivers a balance of talent, innovation, and an environment where families can thrive. Forbes* has it right - while Chico defies most business location strategies, we have the secret sauce to build brands and craft legends that positively impact the business and their employees. 

If you ask locals what makes Chico special, you'll hear a lot of things. The most common? "It has a strong sense of community and place."  

We welcome you to explore this site and come visit. We'd love to show you around. 

* tech section, January 4, 2016 "Why The 'Wrong' Location Can Be A Startup's Hidden Strength" and tech section, January 4, 2016 "Who'd Start a Tech Firm in Chico? Chris Friedland's Zany Path to Riches"


We invite you to get to know us. 

Want to know what makes Chico, Chico?  Click on the image below to download a pdf filled with demographics, development opportunities, housing, health care, business overview, utilities, workforce, business resources and a whole lot more. 



Explore the opportunities Chico has for both new and established businesses in a variety of industries. You'll find resources for space, people, talent, and why other businesses are calling Chico the right location.

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Chico has so much to offer. Discover our nationally recognized arts community and the wide range of outdoor activities. Explore housing and education. Get a taste of what makes this small city grow big hearts. 

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