Profile: Chico Honda Motorsports


Gabriel Eggan, President of Chico Honda Motorsports, is one of the most positive, enthusiastic business owners you'll ever meet. His passion for riding is infectious and his love of the sport shines through to the customer experience. Gabe took a few minutes out of his day to speak with Choose Chico about what makes his business tick.

Tell us a bit about the history of your company.

Chico Honda Motorsports was founded in 1947 and serves Northern California. I'm the third owner and have owned the company for seven years.  We are a customer service based company providing on-road and off-road motorcycles as well as off-road power sport vehicles.  We sell parts, accessories, and apparel to support the sale of those vehicles. Our service department provides excellent repair and maintenance to the brands we carry as well as other brands. 

What inspired you to become a business owner? Why Chico Honda Motorsports? 

I have always aspired to own my own business but hadn't planned on owning a motorcycle dealership. My passion for riding and the people I surround myself with inspired me to take this chance. I had worked as a young man at this very dealership and when I saw it was struggling, it sparked conversations and led to where we are now.

What would you say is your "special sauce" making you stand out from the rest?

Customer service and premium quality product help us stand out from everyone else. Without quality product we can stand behind, and the customer service to back it up, we wouldn't have a business.  Our customers would say we are best known for our service expertise, our great attitude, and our willingness to step outside the box to find what they need. 

Gabe 3.jpg

Can you share a little-known secret about your business?

Most people don't realize the large size of our building. From the front, it looks to be about half of its actual size. 

Now let's talk culture at Chico Honda Motorsports. 

Culture takes time and effort to create. It's always a work in progress, but we have created an environment where people are excited to come to work and look out for each other. We are one big team with a common goal and when you have helped a teammate achieve their goals, it feels like you have achieved yours. 

Let's take a deeper look inside Gabriel Eggan. Outside of riding bikes, what's your passion?

It's hard to mention just one. I love adventure sports to my core and I always will. When I'm not in the great outdoors, I really love to cook. The kitchen is full of tools and cooking is my form of artwork. You can create so much with so little. 

Fun fact?

I am obsessed with the hunt to find the best chicken wings. 

What about your business makes you most proud?

I'm proud of how we help people in so many ways. We create joy, necessity, and possibilities for our customers. Riding isn't just a hobby for most of us, it's a part of who we are, and it shows. 

What would your employees say are the top three reasons they love working with you?


Flexibility with schedules and family needs, growth and vision for the future, and the environment we have created here at Chico Honda Motorsports. 

Why did you decide to become a business owner in Chico?

Chico was my home growing up. The quality of life is amazing if you can find a promising career in Chico. There was an opportunity for me to come back to Chico and create this career, so I took it. 

What's your first memory of Chico and your favorite spot?

My first memory of Chico is playing in the water and on the jungle gum at Bidwell Park. My favorite spot in Chico is probably Salmon Hole in upper park or the sunset view from the top of Monkey Face. 

What makes you most proud of living in Chico?

I am most proud of the beauty and outdoor lifestyle Chico has to offer.

What would you tell someone is the "must see/do" if they have one day to spend here in Chico?

I tell people to hike North Rim trail in upper park, swim at Salmon Hole or Bear Hole, and check out Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Last question - if you could ride anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

That would be the Cape town circuit in South Africa. I have never been to that continent or seen the animals in that territory. There are beautiful ocean views and savannahs all while winding on a fun and adventurous road.