Christa Melton - Unlock Home & Lifetime Resident


Hello! I'm Christa Melton and I’m a happy Chico local who cherishes this community with all my heart. Born and raised in Chico, I graduated from Pleasant Valley High School and Chico State University. Growing up in Chico was a magical experience. Hiking Monkey Face in upper Bidwell Park, swimming in One Mile, and riding my bike to school were some of my favorite childhood memories. I loved my childhood so much, I decided to raise my family in our tree-lined community.

As many locals do, I left our cozy town to broaden my horizons. I traveled to many parts of the world and nestled into a few different communities. When it came to finally deciding the quality of life I desired, it was time to move back to Chico. Moving back was the best decision I have ever made. I realized how much I missed our amazing park. I bought a house right alongside the park so my kids could enjoy skipping rocks in the creek and riding their bikes to their friends. I especially love my daily walks, it's a great way to start your day and energize the soul.

Chico is thriving with opportunity. We own two different businesses in our community. Melton Design Group Inc., a Landscape Architecture Firm, ran by my husband Greg Melton. My business venture, Unlock Home, inspires people to unlock the happy in their homes. I'm passionate to honor the happiness every community deserves and work to cultivate it through its citizenry.

Chico is an inspiration to have a lifestyle that is still simple, safe and full of opportunity. The hometown feel remains the same, and now we have the luxury of a thriving community full of culture and excitement.