Hunter Hampton - General Manager, Chico Heat Baseball


My name is Hunter Hampton and I am the General Manager of the Chico Heat. I spend my days immersed in our community. I connect with business owners, season ticket holders, sponsors, and all-around baseball fans. We talk about any and everything baseball. Some want to talk about their favorite Major League Baseball team (mine is the Houston Astros). Some prefer to debate which players deserve to be in the MLB Hall-of-Fame. Mostly we talk Chico Heat baseball. Chico has a long baseball tradition. Many Chicoan’s have fond memories of warm summer nights cheering their team on at Nettleton stadium.

When I’m not “working,” I'm with my wife and kids. We’re often out at the swimming pool or softball fields watching my daughter swim or play softball for Chico High. You'll often find us in the gymnasium or DeGarmo Park watching my son play basketball for Bidwell Jr High or Lacrosse for the Chico Rebels.

Why did I choose Chico?  I chose Chico twice! The first time was in 1990 when I chose to transfer to Chico State from the University of Arkansas. After moving here and getting my degree in Information and Communication studies, I fell in love with the area. I loved the climate, I loved that we were close to the bay area to watch the A’s and the Giants, and I loved that we're close to both Tahoe and Napa. I remained here for close to 20 years until I felt the allure of my hometown calling. I moved back to Houston where I could get my fix on Astros baseball and went to work for a television station in a top 10 media market. After a few years, the shine wore off and the Houston humidity, traffic, and crime drove me back to Chico for the second go around!

Even though I was not born or raised here, I still consider Chico my home as I have been here collectively more than 25 years of my life. Chico’s quality of life is second to none and is a great place to raise a family.

I’d say my favorite thing about Chico is the people. Chico is small enough to get to know members of the community on a first name basis and large enough to have a baseball team!