Jolene Francis - Director of Advancement/Communication Enloe Medical Center

"Chico is my hometown…literally. My sisters and I were all born at Enloe and Chico will always be part of who I am.

Chico is a place where folks invite you to cut in front of them at the grocery store when you have fewer items in your basket. A place where you can escape the pressures of everyday life by slipping into Bidwell Park for a few hours of peace, or listening to the train roll through town when the breeze is right.

There’s vibrancy here that’s hard to pinpoint. The University adds to that vibe, so does the downtown and the growing tech community. Chico is a place where you actually know the guy that built your house, the CEO of your local bank lives across the street and your kid’s high school principal is in your Rotary Club. But for all its small-town goodness, there is a definite metropolitan flair…in museums, local theater, music, and of course, the best brewery in the nation. The economy of agriculture keeps us grounded and talented entrepreneurs teach us to soar. I dare you to not love this place."