Chico CA

Prem Chand, Milestone Technologies


"I was raised on a farm in a small town just outside of Chico, where I developed an appreciation for the passion and work ethic held by the people in our community. Though I left Chico and eventually founded Milestone Technologies, Inc in the Bay Area, I never forgot the sense of hope, motivation, and connectivity I felt in the Chico community.

When Milestone was challenged to open a new contact center, I knew immediately that Chico was the ideal place for our business to grow. The quality of life in Chico is unmatched, and the people boast an unrivaled drive to succeed. I chose Chico to give back—because the city’s bright, young minds deserve fulfilling economic opportunities without having to leave their own backyard. Together, we can continue to make Chico great."

-Prem Chand, President & CEO of Milestone Technologies Inc.