Forbes: Chico, CA Featured as An Unlikely Start-up Location

Forbes magazine featured Chico, CA in the article entitled Why the 'wrong' location can be a startup's hidden strength.

Beber founder Arielle Danan   (Photo credit: Emily Teague)

Beber founder Arielle Danan (Photo credit: Emily Teague)

Highlighting Chico-born and raised companies such as, College Scheduler and Beber Almond Milk, the author explains how Chico provides a fascinating example of how the startup spirit can take hold in the most unlikely places and drive success.

Covering the accessibility of an educated, enthusiastic workforce and the support of the local incubator, ChicoStart, the article also features Chico State's Center for Entrepreneurship who's mission is to teach students the basics of making a business plan, encourage them to think on their feet, provide opportunities with role models and push them out on their own.

Chico provides an environment for innovators that's both encouraging and supportive. 

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