CSU Chico Ranked As One Of The Top College Farms in US

Ranked #11 out of 35 by College Rank, Chico State's College Farm is a shining example of the benefit of education in the classroom and "in the field".  

Photo courtesy of Marisa Stoller

Photo courtesy of Marisa Stoller

Criteria include a strong integration with students on campus and the University must provide all students with a variety of opportunities stemming from the farm. The students must also integrate into the community giving local citizens and students the chance to interact in a way that would not be possible without a college farm.  The farm must be sustainable and offer classes taught directly at the farm, not just in a classroom. 

Chico State's University Farm is a place where students get their hands dirty by taking what they learn in the classroom and put it into practice. Students work with local farmers and ranchers conducting research of which the results are often used to drive innovation and improve performance.  Local businesses such as Sierra Nevada brewery benefit as they provide feed for the cows (spent grains and hops from brewing), in turn, they purchase their beef from the University farm for the brewery restaurant. Community members can purchase meat and produce directly from the farm shop and many of the local schools offer student field trips to the farm to promote agriculture among young children. 

The University Farm houses a weather station providing critical data for the area and giving students yet another way to communicate with local community members building communication skills and achieving real-world applications and experience.  Want to visit? Explore the Chico State College Farm website for details and events.