Affordable housing is a big advantage in Chico, and the range of styles within a 5-mile radius is equally attractive.

Chico Neighborhoods

Your housing options include:

  • Established neighborhoods within walking distance of downtown and Bidwell Park.
  • Luxurious executive homes at a fraction of Bay Area prices.
  • New urban developments integrating homes, parks, and commercial districts.
  • Energy-efficient, solar-powered neighborhoods.

Housing choices in Chico

Housing Preference

Compact urban lifestyle neighborhoods

Good Match

  • Doe Mill (Bruce & 20th St)
  • Meriam Park (Bruce & 20th St)
  • Westside Place (Nord Ave)
  • Park Forest (E 8th St)

California Bungalows, new and old

  • Doe Mill (Bruce & 20th St)
  • Park Forest (E 8th St near Chico Nature Center)
  • South of Bidwell Park (Woodland to Humboldt, downtown to Hwy 99)
  • Barber Neighborhood (south of Little Chico Creek, west of Park Ave)
  • Chapmantown Area (west of Park Ave)

Suburban family, mid-century to new

  • The Avenues (east and west of Esplanade, to Manzanita Ave & Hwy 32)
  • Amber Grove (off Esplanade near Eaton Rd)
  • California Park
  • Big Chico Creek Estates and others off West Sacramento Ave
  • Areas off Glenwood Ave

Upscale, including clubs and gated

  • Butte Creek Country Club
  • Canyon Oaks Country Club
  • Songbird Ln and areas off Garner and Keefer Rd
  • East end of 8th Street near Five Mile (Bidwell Park)

Parkside and waterside

  • Vallombrosa, north of Bidwell Park
  • Woodland Ave and E. 8th, south of Bidwell Park (near One Mile / Sycamore Pool)
  • California Park (small lake at edge of foothills)


  • Areas at the edge of town, including the vicinities of Bell Rd, Nord Ave, Rose Ave, 5th St, Dayton Rd, Meridian, and Garner